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Zubi and Sacred Grain, two top pods in the Food Order-In Sector

Slow cooked pork belly being served by Zubi Picture this. Tom Harper’s The Aeronauts is playing on an LCD while you laze on the sofa in front of it. With a table in front showcasing a veritable selection of starters waiting to be tucked into. The choice is yours. Whether you will pick a juicy yet meaty Rajasthani Maas je Sule to accompany the riveting adventures of Amelia Wren and James Glaisher, or fresh asparagus delicately flavoured with miso butter and burnt garlic flakes. The spicy, pickled lamb kebab letting out a faint aroma of desi ghee or the crunch of the green. Couple that with a pint of Heineken. Ah! Utopia… Meen Moily available at Sacred Grain  Even before we get to the next dish, let’s clarify that this setting is being concocted in your living room. The experience of a good film on Netflix, with great food, inside your cozy next is just a phone call away. And yes, we aren’t talking the conveyor belt quality dishes churned out by takeaway brands day in a