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Abheri --- A Rich Cauldron of Art and Craft

Pic: Manoj Kesharwani Imagine a giant canvas. Four young women walk towards it. They pick up brushes, pens and other mediums of art and start doodling. They don’t hesitate. It’s about freedom of expression. So, they pour out their thoughts taking from history, hobbies, memories and all that they have been encountering through their growing up years. What do you think will be the end product? A canvas of colour, lines, scribbles… basically a confused vocabulary, right? But Abheri Crafts is anything but befuddling. It is a beautifully constructed conglomeration of Indian colours, textiles, art, craft, history and so much more. A canvas that takes you down memory lane. Through handmade sarees, dupattas, separates and menswear. The Eqyptian Lotus and Papyrus sari   Abheri is also an instance of how if you put your mind and dedication to it, you can make it happen. A labour of love that bore fruit on Valentine’s day of 2014, it was conceived by three school friends, Rohi