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Roong... The Colours of a Happy Flight

Handblock printed pure silk sari designed by Saumi Nandy. Pic by Parikshit Bhattacharyya She gets gooseflesh remembering the night her father passed away. She was just above seven. While the world and people around her broke down with the sudden sorrow, she sought refuge in her drawing book. “I painted till the crack of dawn, the colours cutting out the chaos and cacophony. I couldn’t process much of the events but there was a dull wound piercing through the heart. I had come back from school. He was being rushed to the hospital after a sudden cerebral haemorrhage. He went peacefully, in his sleep. But a storm brewed in my heart. I expressed my feelings through swift brush strokes albeit in dark colours,” recalls Saumi Nandy as we meet up in her Calcutta studio called Roong, a hub of exquisite saris, dupattas and artworks. There is bric-a-brac for homes as well. The common denominator in all of them is a display of Saumi’s art. Art inspired by her experiences, travels, ins

Gulnoor... Sue Mue Spring Summer 2019

The inspiration could arrive from anywhere, but to give it a unique expression is the manoeuvring of a gifted creative brain. An expression that is as much about traditions, as it is about love. An expression that is not restricted to the heritage or craft that it has been inspired from. But also, where the two are connected on a sublime level. Gulnoor is about love, about evolving, about self-expression and exploration. A discovery of the beauty we are born with, the wonderment that we grow into. Bespoke womenswear label Sue Mue’s Spring Summer 2019 collection is a vision inspired by Kashmir’s shawl traditions. But it is also an apt tribute to the woman through the ethereal land that no Urdu couplets, no ghazals, no novels and novellas can encapsulate. An emotion that is best felt with the eyes and the heart... Just like love. Dreamy pastels, fluid gossamer handwoven fabrics and exquisite workmanship of the needle and thread have brought to life a collection that