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Continental Calling at Clique Delhi

Often at weddings I stand in front of the buffet counter utterly confused about what to eat from the gazillion things on offer. It turns out that I choose the most mundane dishes after running my eyes over the exhaustive spread. I will not say that it doesn’t leave me a bit irritated. At myself for not being able to sift through judiciously. That is why now, whenever there is a need to organise catered food to celebrate any function, the diktat is, “Keep it simple. So that people enjoy the curated selection even more.” Hoping that the guest will appreciate the thought that we didn’t want him to go back feeling the same as I did when I found myself in front of a chilla counter dishing out 20 variants of the snack. Hence, the decision of the foodpreneurs at Clique Delhi, to stick to one kind of cuisine is a sensible one. Instead of running a place that offers a ho-hum version of everything, it’s better to create a strong impact in the segment you are strong in. In this

Pallavi Jaikishan --- An Era of Floral Fantasies

Sari by Pallavi Jaikishan. Pic by Manoj Kesharwani An instrumental rendition of two popular Bollywood classics cuts into the steady murmur. Aradhana ’s Roop tera mastana and Kati Patang ’s Pyar diwana hota hain are the preludes to couturier Pallavi Jaikishan’s show at the FDCI India Couture Week held recently. The walks incidentally have also been choreographed on modern romantic ballads from tinsel town. Romance---an all-pervasive mood that has characterised doyen’s journey in fashion since 1972. There is but one element conspicuous by its absence. Music made by her legendary husband, Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal, one-half of the famous Shankar-Jaikishan duo that rocked the music charts before the latter passed away in 1971. Leaving his wife and three young children---Chetan, Yogesh and Bhiaravi---under a pall of gloom. An old portrait of the designer with her musician husband “Here, hear this piece I was putting together for the show. A modern take on Sangam ’s Yeh