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Morphogenesis: Creating a Green Imprint

The Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur Ibn Battuta in his writings of 14 th century describes Kandahar as a large and prosperous town. The arid terrain has also found extensive mention in Mughal emperor Babur's discourses. It is the second-largest city  in Afghanistan  and also one of the most culturally significant cities of the Pashtuns. History speaks of it as being their traditional seat of power for more than 300 years. A major trading center for sheep,  wool , cotton, silk, food grains , fresh and dried fruits , and tobacco, the city has plants for canning, drying and packing fruits. Had… Sadly, Kandahar today is reckoned not for its history, culture or commerce. Many empires have long fought over the city due to its strategic location along the trade routes. And unfortunately, it became the target of Muslim extremists as well. Ravaged by the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001, the city sparked into spotlight during the hijacking of the Indian Airlines Airbus A300 in

Happyness by Dr Yusuf Merchant, and the tricks behind it...

“These mangoes are different from the ones we have in Delhi Mamma!” said my five-year-old yesterday morning. “Really? How?” I was surprised. “They are sweeter and juicier,” Malhar enumerated. “You think so, baby? Great! Yes, they are Himsagar. Mangoes Mamma and Papa grew up on. You only get them in Calcutta.” An appreciative nod later, the fork went back in action. All I could do was smile to myself. The whole day was packed with activities that one would expect off a five-year-old hyperactive boy. Exploring hidden crannies of the kitchen to discover a rusty old cleaver and pretending to be Thor with it! Accompanying the granny to the garden and poring over a fledgling anthill... Or demanding ice cream by the minute because its vacations in aGranny home! I can’t begin to tell you the rest that makes me marathon behind this Dennis of mine. But it’s super fun and a natural workout. Why I mentioned the aforesaid conversation is because I make it a point to smile and appre

Summer Song at Music and Mountains Cafe

“This apple crumble is really good,” the mister remarked. “The apple is still juicy and tart, the crumble has that crunch and the buttery whiff just binds it all together. We have to go back soon.” Our morning today started on this sweet note, thanks to the generous helping of fresh apple crumble we got back yesterday from Music and Mountains Café after almost stuffing our faces with goodies from their summer menu. This time was even more special, because I could share my experience with my husband, a die-hard foodie and the tot, a soon to become die-hard foodie! I’ve told you all before how I love the eatery, the food it serves, the music it plays and the halcyon vibe it carries. This time too, it wasn’t any different. While the sun blazed down on humans, the quaint café continued looking like a pretty Swiss chalet or log cabin in hills. And we couldn’t wait for the food to be served. The heat outside was first countered with a grape and elderflower teaser, while the firs

Magical Med at Amuse House

Indians love their fritters. Whether they are sliced onions dunked in gram flour paste and deep fried in mustard oil, wedged potatoes rubbed with cornflour and dropped in gurgling hot oil or plump peppers stuffed with masala and fried till the sharpness of the chillies are somewhat compromised. There have been innumerable occasions when, on a rain-washed evening, I’ve had requests from my Mister to quickly fry up some chilly pakodas to go with puffed rice. We have eaten the green peppers in hot and spicy pickles as well. But the avatar I tasted of the vegetable at Amuse House was something that propelled to call it a stand out dish. And lo! It wasn’t even a main course item. But the nuanced flavour, the texture and the presentation sent my taste buds into a tizzy. The manchego and sweet corn stuffed chillies with spring onion and chipotle aioli was a successful combination of sweet, tangy and spicy with contrasting textures of mush and squish falling so well together. I could

Going Green at Greenr Cafe

Handcrafted chic curtains and recycled furniture lend a warm and aesthetic vibe at Greenr. Pic by Rishabh Mallik  I wonder at the resolve of those who turn vegetarian by choice. Even more if they do so after tasting the best meats, fishes, oysters, clams and prawns of the world. Then, what exactly prompts them to give all the goodies up? Is it really easy to stick to a tofu roll when you can smack your lips with the juiciest tuna burger? Or feel sated with a beetroot and caperberry salad when somewhere close by you can hear a fork work its way through a grilled corn fed chicken breast? Won’t you miss the rustic beef bolognaise as you slurp down a vegetarian khao suey? Will the succulent scallop or the lobster sushi roll not beckon you while you deal with the asparagus tempura? Last week, a very good vegetarian meal quelled the doubts. If the green options are as innovative and diverse, with a thought towards health as well, then who wouldn’t mind choosing that over animal prot