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Surprised in Goa...

For a Palolem loyalist, Varca is Goa can be a bit of a dampener. The beaches are just as beige, the sky is just as yellow and the water is just as clear but if you look closely that infectious vibe is missing. Palolem is quite something. It’s vibrant, active and once the sun sets, the beach shacks make sure you still have plenty to do. Like gorging on grilled and barbequed sea food, listening to live music and watching the grey waves emerge regularly from the black canvas. The semi-circular beach is enveloped on both sides by two hillocks that sparkle during dawn as the sun slowly peeks out from the east. Yes, Palolem is quite something. Having the image of that colourful beach plastered in our mind when we walked down to the Varca beach from the Club Mahindra premises, the sun was ready to leave for the day. Having decided to relax with some goodies at a beach we were a little surprised to find only two of them there. Unlike the lit-up shacks that line Palolem from start to st

Paying an elegant tribute to indigenous craftsmanship and beauty

The job of an artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world --- Jeff Goins Just the thought in my mind as Dandelion Season 6 is all set to floor the discerning with its eclectic constellation of art, craft, design and textile on January 31, at Vivanta by Taj Ambassador. The exhibition has been living this truth evocatively every season, ever since its inception a few years ago. Interestingly, this also happens to be 2018’s first fashion and lifestyle exhibition will bring forth another stunning array of craft, design, art and beauty in an innovative way. I've been a loyalist since its inception and have been floored by the range and beauty. Hence, I implore you to explore this platform that is symbolic of positivity, survival and progress. Ensemble by Shivani Bhargava Art aficionado, Mukta Nandini Jain, has been this beautiful platform keeping in view the indigenous craftsmanship abundant in our country in the realm of art, design, craft and t

Hub of Camaraderie

Darshan Shah. (All pics by Suvashis Mullick) This textile doyen likes to let her work do the talking. So, if you ever catch Darshan Shah in some soiree, easing up with a flute and banter, do chip in the salutations. For, we assure you that even before you can say ‘good’ the next morning, she would have gone back to her studio to pore over some heritage weave for her next project. Surrounded by rustling fabrics, textiles, saris and apparels in her waking hours, Darshan is a busy weave minstrel in her work space. That’s why her home is such a peaceful surprise. The owner of popular Weaver’s Studio in Kolkata was sure that she wanted a change when she headed to her nest at tony Queen’s park every evening. The apartment is a serene station to unwind in. It’s clean, subtle and contemporary with a fuss-free air about it. And that’s how Darshan loves it. This is Darshan ad verbatim describing the décor of her home, “Earlier we had a very Fab India look here. Rustic tones and eart

FIO in Fine Fettle

I have been mulling over how to start this piece. Should I begin with how every time I walk into FIO Cookhouse & Bar, I feel sunny and bright just looking at the restaurant? Should I introduce the owner Vineet Wadhwa, who is anyway a prominent figure in the F&B industry for more than 15 years? Or, should I zero in on the food straight away? Well… After an immersive culinary experience last Sunday at FIO, a threadbare narrative of the victuals, I decide, is the best option. Because, firstly I don’t think any fish I eat hereafter can beat that aromatic sea bass I wolfed down from their new menu. Secondly, consider this me cajoling you to visit FIO at the earliest to savour innovation and flavour served on a plate. Epicuria is probably the best thing that could happen to Nehru Place. And for me, Epicuria’s hero is FIO, the restaurant that is a tidy gem in terms of interiors, food and ambience. Every time I tell Vineet about how beautifully he has done up the place

El Garbo --- Where Art defies Convention

“I’ve never been to a gallery,” Monish Bali throws a bouncer at me. Thankfully, he adds an afterthought, “But obviously I’m well versed with the big guys. I delve into the art that appeals to my eye. I do not need lengthy explanations or verbose pamphlets to familiarise myself with something beautiful.” That takes care of the flummoxed look on my face. The emphatic explanation eases the cranked-up brows as we settle down with a masala chai at El Garbo to discuss Monish’s penchant for good design and what propelled him to create a space in the heart of Delhi that shuns all set rules and formats in the realm of art and design. Monish invited surprise from connoisseurs in the capital when last month he opened the gates of El Garbo in Jangpura. Though he still hasn’t decided the category the space falls into, the city’s crème is witnessing a highly instinctive side of Monish, the MD of Mount Shivalik Breweries Ltd, that was undercover till now. It’s true that his home is a verita

The Good-looking at Fisherman's Wharf in Goa

A week back, while savouring a wholesome joshimath dal (smoked horse gram tempered with Indian spices) with a methi parantha at the Park Hotel in Delhi, an old acquaintance remarked how many restaurants today concentrate more on atmospherics. Sometimes, the drama overshadows the food. Unless, the victuals are absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t agree more. We cited some instances where the décor, installations and theatre superseded what actually landed on our plate and where we satisfied ourselves with what we saw rather than what we ate. That day, I’m happy to declare, nothing of that sort happened. The winter menu at Fire was one mean food journey from various parts of the country focusing on fresh, organic and seasonal produce. I can’t say the same about Fisherman’s Wharf at Cavelossim in Goa, where we lunched on Monday. Don’t get me wrong. I am not going to tear the place apart because I did have a good time there. But, when I ate the food that I had read so much about, I