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Durga Pujo: The Homecoming

Despite being wary of the burgeoning crowd on the roads and queues in front of eateries during Durga Pujo, I would be no where else but in Calcutta during the four days. As the festivities come to a close, I reflect on the reason… Am I growing old? I’m yet to see pronounced grey hairs. The wrinkles haven’t peeked in. Though I do get breathless on occasions, I’m managing the marathon with my hyperactive five-year-old. And yes, I can still polish off a plate of Arsalan’s chicken biryani, without the acerbic burp an hour later. As a Park Circus girl, I was brought up on biryani, a delicacy I believe Calcutta serves the best (No debate here please)! First, it used to arrive home from Shiraz-the Golden Restaurant. A few years later Zeeshan elbowed it out but the fame was short-lived. One fine day, Arsalan set foot and conquered the hearts and palates of Calcutta. The reign continues. Since then many Aliahs, Alibabas and Royals have mushroomed in the vicinity, but Arsalan continue