Continental Calling at Clique Delhi

Often at weddings I stand in front of the buffet counter utterly confused about what to eat from the gazillion things on offer. It turns out that I choose the most mundane dishes after running my eyes over the exhaustive spread. I will not say that it doesn’t leave me a bit irritated. At myself for not being able to sift through judiciously.
That is why now, whenever there is a need to organise catered food to celebrate any function, the diktat is, “Keep it simple. So that people enjoy the curated selection even more.” Hoping that the guest will appreciate the thought that we didn’t want him to go back feeling the same as I did when I found myself in front of a chilla counter dishing out 20 variants of the snack.
Hence, the decision of the foodpreneurs at Clique Delhi, to stick to one kind of cuisine is a sensible one. Instead of running a place that offers a ho-hum version of everything, it’s better to create a strong impact in the segment you are strong in. In this case, continental.
Clique Delhi entered the Capital’s food scene eight months ago as a stylish food lounge dishing out innovative cocktails as well as great food. The décor is smart and chic, replete with ambient lighting keeping in mind the diner who wants to spend a special evening (the place at Ansal Plaza is open from the evening only). The al-fresco, with a colourful murals on the walls and a photo-op booth, makes it a casual but cheerful eatery.

It did serve something from everything all these months though. But now the new menu focuses on a delightful array of continental dishes that would go mighty well with your poison. In my case it was a pink lipstick this time, a beautiful pink potion made that used white rum and rose essence. I could keep having that. It was that good.

Here’s what you must try if you are spending an evening at Clique. Close your eyes and call for a platter of chicken schnitzel sliders. They are a value for money and pack in quite a meaty punch, with the crunchy chicken chunks countered by the soft caramelised onions and spicy mayonnaise. What I liked about the accompanying fries are that that they are not the usual salted ones. The French fries here are spiced with a chilly mix.
With your drinks do ask for a pork taco. Succulent chunks of pork meat are tossed with homemade spices served in bakes taco sheets. It would start you off on a delicious note. Pescatarians can call for the Tuna Tartare. While the one we ate was extremely fresh, I could have had mine a bit more tart. So do tell the chef if you want yours to be the same.
For a full feeling, opt for the French onion soup. It’s a winner. The broth is subtle and appropriately buttery and the cheesy toasted bread is just too comforting. I would also recommend the Camembert Cheese Souffle. It is light, fluffy and comes with a glorious chili apricot puree that sets off a lovely contrast to the muted main. The winner is surprisingly a vegetarian Wild Mushroom money bag that comes with a spicy bravas and truffle essence. Next time I go, I am definitely trying the Scotch eggs and the Cigar rolls.
It’s also a great place for healthy eaters. The menu serves up gluten free and low cal options aplenty so that you party and indulge guiltfree.
At: C Block, Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg
Ph: 9773793012
Open from 7 pm to 12 midnight


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