Nitin Kohli Home... Building Beautiful Dreams, One Nest at a Time...

One of the displays at the Nitin Kohli Home studio. Pic by Atul Pratap Chauhan
If you have seen Sofia Coppola’s 2006 historical drama Marie Antoinette , then you might remember the scene where the 14-year-old Marie Antonia enters her chambers in the Palace of Versailles for the first time. The young Austrian princess who has been sent to marry the dauphin of France as a sign of political alliance is starry-eyed seeing the architecture and interiors of her now home. Her exquisite and opulent royal home. Despite being born and brought up in a palace herself. The fair lady almost gawks at the large halls decorated with European art-deco furniture finished with rich silk and chinoiserie upholstery, the flowing velvet curtains and the ornate gilded carvings on the ceiling. The shimmering glass chandeliers, the invaluable table accessories, the luxurious stain sheets and bedspreads.
After exploring one room, she peeks into the other to find golden chairs upholstered with duck egg blue satin and a colour palette of ivory and pink ruling the room. Nothing is out of place. The grandeur is almost larger-than-life. But, so in tune with the royal air. Like her, even I marveled at the beauty of all of it.
If you haven’t watched the film, too bad. For the uninitiated, Marie Antoinette was the last reigning queen of France before the French Revolution and had gained a reputation for splurging to experience the finer things in fashion and lifestyle. A fascinating character to study, she was executed at the guillotine for her several indiscretions. Read up!
Warm tones and earthy hues are a prominent part of decor ideas at NKH. Pic by Atul Pratap Chauhan

Anyway, I digress. The point I am trying to make here is that when I visited the spanking new Nitin Kohil Home yesterday, my mind went back to that beautiful scene. A walk around the classy studio, exploring the design elements in each and every room, brought back the imagery shown in the film. The wonderment you feel when you are placed inside a well put together space that is often crafted in dreams. Oh yes! Beautiful spaces. How inspiring they are…
“You are in the colour of the season,” Nitin cut into the reverie as I marveled at one of the bed room set ups. He pointed at the teal couch and chairs whose tint almost matched my minty linen sari. “Yes, we do follow trends but we like to keep things classic. Something that can travel with you through the years. Setting up a home is like a dream, you work hard at putting it together. No one should feel like a makeover too frequently,” he said as we sat down for a tete-a-tete. But then, he was quick to point out that change inspires him. “There is change in every little aspect of life. A design can spring from the biggest and the smallest of changes.”
Nitin Kohli at NKH. Portrait by Atul Pratap Chauhan

With a yen for fabulous design and aesthetics since he was a youngling, Nitin honed his skills in interior design through experience and travel. In 2000, after his marriage to Seetu Kohli (who runs the very successful Ralph Lauren Home and Fendi Casa Studio in Delhi) the couple set up Furncraft DeCollage, an interior design firm that showcased their handcrafted high-end furniture. Speak of luxury homes and interior spaces that only evoke awe and Furncraft would bring it to your doorstep. In 2011-12 while Seetu took over the responsibility that entailed bringing international home décor and luxury brands to India, Nitin concentrated in strengthening his domestic reign with Furncraft. Nitin Kohli Home is therefore not a new entrant in the ever-burgeoning market of luxury design studios in India. It is but a second coming, a rebirth. A 4,000 square feet space filled with sophisticated furniture, plush rugs, unique digital prints, jazzy light accessories and ideas to convert a staid home into a sexy one.
Corner stories at NKH. Pic by Atul Pratap Chauhan

“I have always had a fascination for design and an eye for the good things. My parents never stopped me from travelling. I journeyed across the world to bring back experiences that would enrich my design faculties. Over the years, we have collected so many things that fill up our home even today. It tells a story. Nitin Kohli Home is like a journey. And, we want people to experience that. We shall help them tell the stories of their journeys in their homes,” elaborates Nitin, adding, “There are so many prints of the photographs I have taken during my travels. We have showcased them in the studio. This is a very personal side of me I am offering to my clients. That is what I tell them when they come in here. Our projects will last for a few months. But in a few days, we will get to know whether we like each other’s predilections in design. For instance, I believe that a home shouldn't feel forbidding. We Indians love snacking on our beds. That's what our bedside eating tables are for.”
Studio Nitin Kohli Home. Pic by Atul Pratap Chauhan

The Nitin Kohli Home showcase (including their new collection called Avant Garde) revolves a lot around travel. Images of a trillion places on the planet that Nitin has been to dot the elegant grey and ecru walls. Candid, nature or landscapes, each photograph tells a tale. Murals and bric-a-brac depicting the history, culture and art of diverse countries. “I land up on a road and keep walking to wherever the path takes me. That is the beauty of nature walks. Explorations feed the designer in me,” he says.
Constantly updating themselves about design trends in interiors, Nitin is vociferous about sticking to a more contemporary set up that is classic and timeless. “We have never been too traditional or ethnic ever. Blues, greys, ivories and beiges are constants here apart from earthy browns. These never go out of fashion. Striking shades of green have been regular as well. If there are India-inspired motifs, we do print them on upholstery, but the basic is always contemporary. I am an ardent fan of Zaha Hadid. She stuck to her signature always. That is why it is better to leave your imprint in a world of fast changing trends,” avers Nitin.
A dining room set up. PIc by Atul Pratap Chauhan
Always finding inspirations from nature, flora and fauna, the designer feels that doing up large homes is easy. “You have space to go berserk in with design. Doing up small apartments is more challenging and hence, there is more creative satisfaction. You have to fit in things and colours by using limited space wisely. But all said and done, I love residential projects because it is a personal space. The design starts reflecting the owner’s life. And bringing that to the forefront is quite an interesting task.”
So, does Nitin and Seetu Kohli’s own home look as fabulous as the new studio? “Well, our home depicts our journey. It is an organic space where we have put very dear things together. Stuff we have collated over the years, bit by bit. Collectibles from our travels, art made by our daughter Mallika and son, Kabir. We have tried to showcase them all. Aah! There is also a chair. A silver one. We couldn’t part with it,” the design guru quips with a chuckle.
Well, don’t know about you, but I would love to sit on that silver chair. For, who wouldn’t want to feel like a queen on her throne, even if it was for a few seconds!
P.S. You might be wondering why I haven’t described everything I saw in the studio in threadbare details. Obviously because I want you to visit it yourself and gauge how NKH can assist in building your own palace of dreams. Here’s the address:

Nitin Kohli Home
Ambawatta One, 
Near Qutub Minar, 
New Delhi - 110030
Mob No. - +91 97170 37217
Email ID: -
Earthy hues at NKH. Pic by Atul Pratap Chauhan


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