Summer Song at Music and Mountains Cafe

“This apple crumble is really good,” the mister remarked. “The apple is still juicy and tart, the crumble has that crunch and the buttery whiff just binds it all together. We have to go back soon.”
Our morning today started on this sweet note, thanks to the generous helping of fresh apple crumble we got back yesterday from Music and Mountains Café after almost stuffing our faces with goodies from their summer menu. This time was even more special, because I could share my experience with my husband, a die-hard foodie and the tot, a soon to become die-hard foodie! I’ve told you all before how I love the eatery, the food it serves, the music it plays and the halcyon vibe it carries. This time too, it wasn’t any different. While the sun blazed down on humans, the quaint café continued looking like a pretty Swiss chalet or log cabin in hills. And we couldn’t wait for the food to be served.
The heat outside was first countered with a grape and elderflower teaser, while the first starter appeared in the shape of fresh mint crostini. The tot who, like any kid his age, shies from veggies, looked pleased with how the fresh mint and mushy tomatoes gave an exciting kick to the crunchy toasts. He paired them with his fresh watermelon juice and reminded me once that he will definitely have chocolate mousse!
Next up was the Lamb and Chilli Nachos, a snack that came accompanied with Mexican salsa and sour cream. They looked pretty simple but going by Bono’s reaction, they clearly were winners. Spicy lamb curry on top of crispy nachos, which were then topped with molten cheese and jalapeno.
Little could we imagine that my five-year-old’s lunch for the day would comprise of a whole plate of fabulous Lamb Chilli Nachos that he wouldn’t even share with his dear parents after the first helping!
While the Chorizo sliders looked appealing, they didn’t really taste as much. We would rather give more points to the fresh watermelon and feta salad with honey mustard dressing. But the most comforting dish after that was the vegetable pesto, which was assorted veggies in a warm broth of creamy pesto sauce. While the husband said it could have been served cold, I preferred the warm avatar. It reminded me of the humble khichdi that Ma made.
Another nice main was the Fried River Sole, basted with a brown balsamic sauce and served with creamed jacket potatoes and greens. The fish was fresh and the sauce was lipsmacking. The mister also had a helping of shrimps in a paprika sauce with poached eggs on toast. And he said the prawns were perfectly cooked.
Filled to the brim, I could make space for a warm carrot cake, while the child got his promised chocolate mousse topped with strawberry slush. He went home a happy child. And we parents decided that we would certainly be back for more.  
P.S. The Crumble was over even before we could think of a picture. Do order one when you visit! 


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