The long and short of new-age Technology for Smart and Luxury Homes

The Nac Sound Zemi Arya Speaker is almost like an art piece that can can move around your home, thanks to the integration by Hada and his team

It’s amazing how my mind keeps flitting in and out of the scenes from Chris Columbus’s Bicentennial Man, where the beloved Robin Williams essayed the role of an endearing robot who eventually is recognised as a legitimate human being. The whole movie flaunted this futuristic world that took me pleasantly by surprise.
The TV Lift mechanism by Nexus 21 is one the features that Anusha Technovision integrates in any space 

 Am sitting in the plush Experience Centre of Anusha Technovision. The lighting is ambient but just for a bit. The moment my eyes get adjusted to the softness, Shikha, the sales engineer, instructs them to brighten up again. And they do. Spooky but so technically advanced! There is just an I-Pad at her disposal and she just goes, ‘Do this, Do that” with a touch! The world outside at Jangpura continues to be the same. Hot and grimy. But here in this state-of-the-art centre, time seems to have travelled to the gizmo-age!
Automated draw curtains integrated by Hada's team makes life so much easier

Such is the power of technology brought to your doorstep and into your homes by this company called Anusha Technovision, owned by Alok Hada, an electronics engineer by profession who is perennially delving into the wonders of new-age technology to up his game. Where living smart becomes easy because of the technological innovations he integrates in homes, workspaces, luxury hotels and hospitals. 
The Nac Sound Legna speakers could pass off as veritable art pieces
The largest distributor for Lutron’s Lighting Controls in India, the experience center is somewhere where all interested in fancy automation should visit for a walk through. It showcases what controls and automation is all about, and how it betters the residential or hospitality project. But I do insist that you take time and go and relax as Shikha takes you through the living room, the dining room, the home theatre and the conference room. It’s quite an experience, I have to say, at the cost of sounding cliched.
Draw curtains automation done by Anusha Technovision. The Experience Center demonstrates how...

At the end of it all, I did want a few things for my palace that maybe the Mister will build for me some day. Rather he would want them. For, imagine not getting up from your sofa and asking the television to switch itself on, or just tap a few instructions on your I-Pad and voila! The favourite channel is on, the lighting goes to TV mode, the curtains follow your command. All this without moving a muscle. While Lutron’s lighting controls are perhaps one of the best on the world, you do need sound technicians to integrate them in your nest. So that it becomes smart home. The engineers are constantly upgrading their programmes to be fed on computers, and devising modes so that electronic fittings do not look jarring against your Carlucci di Chivasso wallpaper or with your BoConcept settee.
Alok and Priyanka Hada, a couple who is bringing technology to your doorstep

With an overall 200K dollars’ worth of installed technology, the Experience Center, achieves the overall objective of a residential client being able to visualise automation for his own space within a well-designed setting (the dining is beautiful with sexy stereos placed all over like art pieces. The home theatre with a 4K projector and mindboggling technology incorporated stylishly will take your breath away) and explore the options available in lighting controls, audio video and home automation. Says Alok Hada, “Often clients get intimated by the recent innovations in technology. But once you simplify the science to them they can start assimilating the knowledge of how it can help in making their homes smart and luxurious. Can you imagine how automation controls can benefit hospitals? When a patient is lying on his bed, smart commands can ease up his life. He can switch on the TV, adjust lights and curtains with a finger touch or a command.” 
The Nac Sound Zemi Arya speaker sexes up any space
You just have to walk into this magic gizmo den. Anusha Technovision will handhold you into choosing the best gadgets for your home or workplace, and the engineers will ease the installation process with top-of-the-line consultation and service.
Lie on your bed and just instruct the TV to switch itself on!

Hada who has lived in the US while working with Lutron, witnessed the way technology was altering lives back in the west and wanted to bring the expertise to India. The reason why they work with only top of the line products from Lutron, Crestron, Nac Sound (you got to see the way speaker become pieces of art!), Nexus 21 and so on. “These high-end luxury products need expertise to function well. When I set up Anusha Technovision in 2002 after returning from the States, I wanted to recreate the experience I had there of dealing with the best engineers who made sure that quality was installed in projects. We work with interiors architects who allow us to suggest the best products to clients, following which we install and integrate them in a way that they do not interfere with the décor. Rather they elevate the surroundings because we negate the use of ugly wires and make sure the fittings are compact, fashionable and blend in with the space. But the best work lies in developing programs using the best of artificial intelligence. It makes the experience surreal,” says Hada, who was later joined by his wife, Priyanka, in an administrative capacity.
The Nac Sound Legna speaker

“Alexa, dim down the room light!” Hada instructs the cylindrical something on the table as we head out of the conference room in the experience center. “Ok!” reverts Alexa and the lights turn mellow. Yes, surreal it is. And, extremely fascinating!


  1. Wow !!! It's amazing . We visited the experience center.. it is wonderful technology for new generation. Best wishes to hada family.

    1. Hello Rashmi, Thank you for writing in. Yes, I was pretty gobsmacked too at some of the stuff I witnessed at the center. The Hadas are doing quite an awesome job. Making technology accessible to the layman and integrating it so smoothly into homes. MOre people should visit the surreal center.


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