The Vicky Ratnani show at The Runway Project

We are gradually trying to initiate Bono to the colourful world of celebrity food shows. Because this family likes to eat. So, just like his father, the tot, to our glee, has taken to the art of Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Peter Kuruvita and David Rocco. Did I mention that the boys stare transfixed at Nigella when she does her thing on TV! Just like how I find Vicky Ratnani casually create all that drama in Vickypedia. Food, yes, we three are pretty much in love with the sights, sounds and smells of that world.
Just the reason why an invitation to The Runway Project got me really kicked. Because the menu has been created by him. If you have seen his shows on television, the man has this uncanny ability to make even the most difficult dish appear easy-peasy. And in a very stylish way. He goes chop-chop, blend-blend, mix-mix and grill-grill and in a matter of minutes the dish is out there looking good enough to eat. Vicky also has this thing about healthy eating, a concept that has the world ringing to its tune today.
The food at The Runway Project carries a similar health hangover. More so because the theme of the restaurant is fashioned on the runway. Portions and ingredients that remind one of the world of glitz and glamour. Even the décor of the restaurant is razz-ma-tazz. It is sexy, stylish and a space where ladies would love to lunch with their Gucci and Prada. The cocktails are dressed to kill and the food comes out looking no less than Chanel on a plate. On a Spring afternoon, we walked into the restaurant at Select Citywalk and were dazzled by the look of the place and couldn’t wait to tuck into Vicky’s wonders.
Selected from the tasting menu, the chef sent out Size 0, a salad made of home-cured watermelon, roasted broccoli, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, charred leeks and feta crumble. If the name of the salad was interesting, the taste clinched the rest of it. It was part sweet, salty and extremely light, staying true to the size zero concept prevalent in the fashion world. The seeds came with the right bite against the salty and soft feta cheese.
My friend liked the Wardrobe Malfunction salad, too. It was a wholesome salad of grilled chicken,m hearts of romaine lettuce, quinoa, pickled red cabbage, roasted yellow peppers, baked onion petals with rosemary-emilgrana dressing.
Impressed we waited for the small plates now. First up was The Imitation, a fancy looking plate full of mock duck, spicy barley, grilled asparagus, chickpeas, roasted peppers, spinach and rosemary-turmeric yoghurt. Sadly, it just looked really stylish. I wanted a bit more taste out of it despite it being a winner in terms of colours and texture. Not to mention the goodness of soya.
Even the fettucine wasn’t worth it. It was totally bland and didn’t live up to the drama Vicky conjures on a plate. The kale pesto, green peas and mint didn’t converge with harmony. The saving grace was the Bocconcini di Pollo, which was brined and chargrilled chicken, with olive-cranberry tapenade, mint and kale emulsion. The chicken was soft, juicy and tasty. We didn’t care much for the kale emulsion though.
Still peckish we called for a pizza and were happy that we did it. It was light and flavoursome and something that you must have if you visit the restaurant.

The meal ended with a beauty called Coco Chanel, made with white chocolate, coconut, passion fruit and vanilla. It was dramatic, just like Vicky likes it to be and a smooth cut. Totally the showstopper of the interesting afternoon. 


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