Clean up, Clean well... It's a new year already!

How many of you woke up feeling like a worn-out Carrie Bradshaw after a night of excess on NYE?
It’s okay actually. We don’t grudge the fun you had ringing in the new year. In fact, we are glad you ate to your heart’s content and soaked in the merriment with innovative spirits. That’s what you do when celebrations peak. Exactly why the draining after effects of the party need to be done away with in a snap. That brings us to 6Meal today. To make sure that you are the amazing new you in this new year. A cleaner, healthier, sassier you to embrace 2018…
Healthy eating has permeated into our consciousness like how. But no one asked you to compromise on taste. Why would you? Whoever said that conscious eating has anything to do with boring, bland food. In fact, in matters of taste there shouldn’t be any dispute. Because, once you have eaten the good stuff, you will never want to and should go back. A point that drives 6Meal, a brainchild of Sonal Arora and her elder sister, Priyanka
Chopra, where meals when curated, deliciousness works as a major gamechanger--- balanced with health, wellness and nutrients. And voila! The match is won!
The company was launched a year back to plug the gap between nutritionists, wellness doctors and the common man. Says Sonal, an ex-media professional, “Everyone knows that a nutritionist prepares a food chart that one needs to follow but to make that kind of food without compromising on taste is quite a task. From procuring the raw materials to concocting with the correct measurements, all this can serve as a deterrent to healthy eating. So, we started a kitchen where one could get healthy and tasty meals with a lot of variety.” The food is freshly prepared everyday according to the meal plan prepared by Priyanka and vetoed by nutritionist Alka Lohia.
The right food is the key to a better and healthier living, believe the sisters. “Our food, while making
you feel better, is not directed to weight loss. But eventually the weight will start reducing because you are eating right. The meal plans address health issues apart from diabetes. They encourage holistic living,” avers Priyanka.
A client can take up a weekly or a monthly subscription that would include 6 meals per day and consultation from Alka. The meals come steel tiffin boxes inside insulated bags that is delivered to the client’s home before 8.30 in the morning. For that the 6Meal kitchen opens at 5.30 every morning. On weekends you can cheat a bit!
“We serve soba noodles, brown rice and cous cous instead of the unhealthy carbs. Red meat gives way to lean chicken. We serve fish that is high on Omega 3 fat and our paneer is fat free. Lactose intolerants are recommended curd. There are dishes such as Peri Peri chicken with Pearl parley, egg white and dill sandwich, Bircher muesli oats with fresh fruits, kamal kakhdi yakhni, whole wheat penne pasta with veggies in cauliflower bechamal and a lot more. The oil is controlled in Indian food,” explains Sonal.
At 6Meal, eating well is something the siblings want you to look forward to. They have done away with the tedious and monochromatic cleaning up after the year end indulgence. Here is their weekly detox plan that will cleanse your system in an exciting, balanced, tasty and nutritious stroke…

Take a break from dairy, caffeine, meats, grains or pulses. You don’t want to drag on with the
sluggishness. Stick to fruits, vegetables, smoothies, berries, avocados and lots of soaked nuts and seeds. You need to hydrate the system. Stuff the house with seasonal fruits, vegetables and blend them together and drink up. Sip intermittently on infused water, cononut water, lemon water and herbal teas. The toxins will easily be flushed out. And walk it out a bit regularly.
Skip all forms of sugar and alcohol. Spice up your meals with black pepper, rock salt, cayenne pepper or paprika. Infuse your foods with saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, ginger, oregano, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, fennel and clove.

Introduce whole grains such as red rice, wild rice, millets and pulses into your diet with khichdi, daliya, tofu and beans. You need the carbs and the proteins for the energy.

Once you start feeling lighter and spiffier, get back to the dairy proteins with curd. You need the eggs too, for the proteins and calcium. And of course, they are yummy!

Feeling meatish after the long break? We understand and don’t want you to feel deprived. Eat your chicken or fish but don’t overdo it. It is best you hang on for a bit before you can plunge into the animal proteins without feeling guilty.
While you eat the essentials, be hydrated with coconut water, coriander and parsley juice (blended
with watermelon seeds). Snack on fresh avocadoes, olives, nuts and seeds whenever you want to nibble.
Go slow, don’t overeat. You need that positive vibe to kickstart 2018. So, eat good, feel good…


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