Diary of a memorable lunch

Lunching with an herbivore and a carnivore can be a tad tricky. Especially, when you are in a mood 
for some grilled fish and herb-roasted chicken. But, honouring the vegetarian gent sitting in front of us we ladies decided to wear the cap of chivalry for a change. Surprisingly, at the end of it all, the carnivores didn’t mind the greens at all.
Writing on fine food for such a long time, I have always been nonchalant about 24-hour diners in five-star properties. Their menu is often an all-encompassing spread that brings together flavours from Asia, India and Europe but it doesn’t really focus on the nitty gritty. The plating is pretty but basic. So, mostly I politely ask the manager to recommend a filling dish that is pleasant. I avoid experiments and I don’t expect surprises or drama.
That is why maybe, I am writing about this lunch we had at Del in Roseate House. After the Indian Kheer, Del floored me with its international flavours. And mind you, I’m yet to taste the meat there.
The meal starts with the Beetroot & Buratta Salad. When it is brought, my heart leaps with joy because it resembles a perfectly poached egg on a bed of sliced beet. But actually, it is buttery mozzarella cheese served on a bed of beetroot carpaccio and drizzled with arugula and pesto. The contrasting textures of the soft salty cheese and squishy tangy beet is immaculate.
Next up is a veritable palate cleanser is the shape of a soup. The chilled Cucumber and Chamomile Soup is a comforting delight especially if you are a succour for freshness. A take on the classic Polish dish, the soup is served with pickled cucumber, charred onion petals and lemon mascarpone drops. Every spoonful is a burst of myriad flavours. Whoever grimaces at the thought of greens ought to have this bowl of brilliance, in terms of taste and texture.
Absolutely chuffed with what we had so far, we eagerly wait for the next entrée. The Tortellini is a marvel, if I am allowed to gush. Ravioli pockets stuffed with chevre cheese and sundried tomato are served with a delicate orange butter broth and orange segments. I love continental food and I have tasted some of best raviolis served in this part of the world. But this one has my heart. Orange, my favourite fruit, gloriously comes together with cheese and butter. The juicy segments counter the softness of the pasta beautifully.

With the first three winning courses our interest is substantially piqued for the main course. We are not disappointed. In comes the healthy quinoa biriyani lush with veggies and a delectable beetroot raita that is just tangy enough to cut the saltiness of the main dish. Wholesome and tasty, this is wellness in a bowl.
Del’s menu is exhaustive, with specialities from Mexico, Italy, France, Asia, India and many, many places. If you, like me, are prone to confusion in terms of choice, allow the restaurant staff to help you meander through it. They are knowledgeable and will suggest what you will enjoy. After the savouries do ask for the fresh fruit tart and the pastries!

I’m going back to Del soon. For that tortellini yes. But also
for the fish and the meat now. Because, my appetite for their fare has just been whetted. 


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