An afternoon of indulgence

When I was growing up, my father oft-repeated that, “Any time is tea time’. He was quite a tea
person. He needed his cuppa with his smoke, his toast, his samosa, before his ablutions and while checking answer scripts. Considering he was one of the most well-known Mathematics professors in Kolkata, the latter used to be a fixture. So, the tea was frequent. Much to my irritation, because he used to invariably ask me to make him a cup…
My father is no more. He succumbed to a massive heart attack 11 years ago, when I was still a greenhorn as a lifestyle writer. Every time, I am drinking a cup of fine infusion, I miss him dreadfully. He would have loved these blends. But life is like that. Poignant.

As a luxury connoisseur I’ve honed myself to single out beautiful tea experiences. Because, over the years, like my father, I have learned to enjoy my cuppa. It also is something that a rushing soul like me, unwinds with. My husband complains that I cannot relax. But thanks to tea, I have learned to treat time as luxury. I gift myself the luxury of time every time I sip my cup of tea.

Yesterday, after a hectic morning full of meetings, I met up with my dear friend Reema, the PR and Communications Director at The Leela Palace in Delhi. While we girls always hit it off like fire whenever we get together, she suggested I sample the high tea experience that the luxury property prepares for its guests. I couldn’t say no. And thank God, I did not.

We sat out on the lawn discussing life (as we giggle girls know it as), work, family and old times, while a three-tiered spread of pastries, scones, sandwiches and madeleine was laid out. Accompanied by freshly whipped cream, marmalade and a perfect raspberry chutney to go with the savouries. While the vegetarian sandwich was made with a healthy focaccia bread, the egg sandwich was moist and tasty. After gobbling up a
few, I reached out for the India-inspired pastries, standing out for not just their flavour but the mehndi art that adorned them. My favourites were the white and dark chocolate mousse and the green tea flavoured cheesecake.

It turned out to be a redolent afternoon filled with indulgence and laughter. Made special with a steaming cup of Chamomile tea…


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